About Us

Founded in 1949, The Staplex® Company is a diversified manufacturing company located in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

The Staplex® product line includes a full range of Electric Staplers, for which the company holds the first patents issued by the U.S. Patent Office. Over the years, the Staplex® brand line has expanded to over 75 different Electric Stapler models, as well as High Speed Staples, for business, reprographics and packaging applications. Staplex® Electric Staplers are known throughout the world for their durable design and reliable operation in commercial and industrial applications. Engineering improvements over the years to incorporate the latest technologies and materials has earned Staplex® the reputation as "The Electric Stapling Specialist"!

The Staplex® Company began manufacturing Air Sampling equipment in the 1950ís though special arrangements with the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Staplex® pioneered the Staplex® High Volume Air Sampler, which is currently used in over 115 countries around the world for environmental, nuclear, military and commercial applications. The Staplex® Air Sampling line has expanded to include a complete range of particulate air sampling equipment, filters and accessories to meet many regulatory health and safety air sampling requirements.

In the 1980ís, Staplex® developed its AccuSlitter® Electric Mail Openers, which include the first U.S. patent for a "chadless" electric mail opener that opens envelopes without cutting off envelope tops. In the 1990ís Staplex pioneered "belt-less" feed on its automatic Mail Opener models, another Staplex® engineering triumph.

For the 2000ís, Staplex introduced its patented Tabsterģ Electric Wafer Tab Applicator, a semi-automatic Tabber for the low-volume market for self-mailers, newsletters, publications, tamper-evident pharmaceutical and similar flat packs.

The Staplex® Company Engineering Department is continuously incorporating products improvements to meet the needs of our loyal customers as well as developing new products based on customer feedback and regulatory developments.

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The Staplex® Company

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