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Staplex Automatic Electric Stapler and Staple Selection Guide

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  1. 20-lb. paper (75 g/m2) paper used as standard for sheet capacities.

  2. Most Staplex Automatic Electric Stapler models also available with either footswitch or finger-trip activation
  3. 110-125 volts standard (220-230 volt Models available.)

1. Staplex High Speed Staple Selection Guide  Made in USA

2. Staplex Light-Duty Electric Staplers  (imported)

 3. Staplex Single Head Heavy Duty Electric Staplers  Made in USA

 4. Staplex Heavy-duty ULTRA Capacity Electric Staplers  Made in USA

  • Staple 25-100 sheets of 20-lb. paper or equivalent!

5. Staplex Heavy Capacty Manual Staplers

6. Staplex Multi-Head Electric Staplers  Made in USA

 7. Staplex Electric Saddle Staplers (for booklets)

 8. Staplex Long Reach Electric Stapler  Made in USA

9. Staplex Special Staplers

10. Staples for Bostitch, Duofast, Ace, Neva Clog and Stainless Steel Staples and more!

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