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Staplex® Tabber Machine

Model TBS-1 and TBS1.5 Tabster®

Electric Wafer Seal Applicator  

now available for 1.5" tabs for new U.S. postal regulations!!!

 Click for demo video. (allow 10 seconds to load)

  • The TBS-1 and TBS-1.5 Tabster® apply self-adhesive wafers  to close self-mailers and tamper-evident flat packs as quickly as work is inserted!

  • Photo-optic electronic sensors automatically align and advance tabs

  • Recommended for compliance to U.S. Postal Service regulations*

  • Completely portable table-top design

  • Fast, neat, labor saving operation  

  • Lighted ON/OFF Switch.

  • Re-loads in seconds with a roll of Staplex Tabs - white, clear or translucent wafer seals (perfed or non-perfed)

    5,000 per roll of 1" tabs for Model TBS-1 and Model TBS-1.5;   



    2,500 per roll of 1.5" tabs for Model TBS-1.5.                      

  • Great for supplementing high-speed machine "misses", CD's, DVD's, phamaeutical samples and more!!!

  • Heavy-duty design and components!    

  • Capacity:  

1" tabs - 30 sheets of 20-lb (75 g/m2) paper or equivalent

1.5" tabs - 50 sheets of 20-lb (75 g/m2) paper or equivalent

Applying tabs is now fast, neat and super-easy!  Excellent for businesses, schools, religious groups, clubs, organizations, print shops and others for newsletters and mailings.  Simply insert the mail piece — from a single page tri-folded letter to multi-page booklets — into the Tabster® and it instantly applies the self-adhesive perfed tab around the edge.  Remove the mail piece and the Tabster® electronically advances and is ready for the next mail piece!  Mail without envelopes!  The Tabster® saves the cost, mailing weight, stuffing and sealing time of using envelopes!  Now preparing mailings are faster and more economical  - from your laser printer to the mail stream in minutes!  The TBS-1 and TBS-1.5 Tabsters really are the perfect helper!


Minimum distance from side edge of material to center of tab: 1.25" (3.2 cm)

Minimum material width for paper stock if holding from sides: 3" (7.6 cm) - great for the short sides of #10 folded self-mailers!

Weighs 14 lbs. (6.4 kg); Shipping Weight: 20 lbs. (9.1 kg)

Dimensions: 7" wide, 11.5" deep, 17" high (17.8 cm x 29.2 cm x 43.2 cm).

Patented and patents pending.

Ordering information:

Model TBS-1 Tabster Electric Wafer Tabber: 110-125 volts, 50-60 Hz AC  [uses 1" diameter Staplex® Tabs]

Model TBS-1.5 Tabster Electric Wafer Tabber: 110-125 volts, 50-60 Hz AC  [uses 1" and 1.5" diameter Staplex® Tabs] 

Staplex® Tabster® Tabs (20 rolls per carton):

1" diameter with perf  (for Model TBS-1 and Model TBS-1.5)

Staplex No. TB-1WHP White 1" PerfTabs with horizontal perf (5,000 per roll)

Staplex No. TB-1CLP Clear 1" PerfTabs with horizontal perf (5,000 per roll)
Staplex No. TB-1TNP Translucent 1" PerfTabs with horizontal perf (5,000 per roll) 


1" diameter without perf  (for Model TBS-1 and Model TBS-1.5)

Staplex No. TB-1WH White 1" Tabs [no perf] (5,000 per roll)

Staplex No. TB-1CL Clear 1" Tabs [no perf] (5,000 per roll) 
Staplex No. TB-1TN Translucent 1" Tabs [no perf] (5,000 per roll) 


1.5" diameter with perf  (for Model TBS-1.5)

Staplex No. TB-1.5WHP White 1.5" PerfTabs with horizontal perf (2,500 per roll) Staplex No. TB-1.5CLP Clear 1.5" PerfTabs with horizontal perf (2,500 per roll) 
Staplex No. TB-1.5TNP Translucent 1.5" PerfTabs with horizontal perf (2,500/ roll)


 1.5" diameter without perf  (for Model TBS-1.5)

Staplex No. TB-1.5WH White 1.5" Tabs  [no perf] (2,500 per roll)

Staplex No. TB-1.5CL Clear 1.5" Tabs [no perf] (2,500 per roll) 
Staplex No. TB-1.5TN Translucent 1.5" Tabs [no perf] (2,500 per roll) 

   * Consult Postal Service for current regulations.