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World's first and largest manufacturer of Electric Staplers since 1949!


Staplex® Electric Stapler General Information

Staplex® Electric Staplers

A complete line of full-featured, quality-produced, portable Electric Staplers designed to save time and money day after day, year after year!

  • Fastest, lowest cost way to fasten - positively, automatically and instantly when work is inserted!
  • Plug in anywhere, all models completely portable
  • Reload in seconds with standard sizes of staples
  • Featuring Staplex Direct-Drive Solenoid System and Contact Assembly
  • Made in U.S.A. and fully guaranteed by Staplex - The Electric Stapling Specialist
  • All models available in 110- 125 volts AC or 220-240 volts AC, 50-60 Hz
  • Most models also available with Finger Trip or Foot Switch activation

Staplex Automatic Electric Staplers ... designed and built the world's best!

"Positive Stapling" with Staplex! Only Staplex has a full line of heavy-duty Automatic Electric Staplers for all your demanding needs for 2 - 100 sheets of 20-lb. (75 g/m2) paper or equivalent single, multi-head and long reach models, saddle staplers, heavy capacity and dual capacity models. (Available for 110VAC or 220VAC operation)

Superior design. Made in the U.S.A. with rugged metal housings and metal modular components throughout. Completely portable. Reload in seconds with standard sizes of staples just plug in and staple away for a neat, uniform, tight clinch! Depend on Staplex for the finest quality. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Staplex Automatic Electric Staplers eliminate fatigued hands and are recommended for preventing repetitive motion disorders!

Staple anything. Excellent for stapling paper, cardboard, header cards, packages, cloth, plastics, product assembly just about anything. Auto-trip, Foot Switch and Finger Trip Electric Stapler models available so you can staple whatever you want, wherever you want! Super fast and effortlessly!

Staplex: The only way to staple. The fastest, lowest cost, effortless was to fasten! Just insert the work and it's stapled automatically and instantly! Super fast - over 500% faster than any other way to staple or bind.